How it works…

  1. Select Made to Measure or Handmade Bespoke

  2. Select your Fabric Tier & Item

  3. Enter discount code, Checkout

  4. Our Concierge team will be in touch to book your virtual discovery and fitting

  5. An appointment confirmation will be sent to you with next step.

What to expect in your virtual discovery and fitting

Discover your style

  1. Share with us what you are looking for, discover our cloth library and choose your cloth online (if you still would like to touch and feel, you can request physical swatches to be mailed to you).

  2. Work with our Head Tailor to select your desired fit model based on your style, body, and preferences

  3. Design your garments

Build your body profile

  1. Our sophisticated AI powered virtual measuring tool and your stylist formulate your precise body profile.

  2. Existing clients can keep their measurements up to date using our virtual measuring tool and easily apply to future purchases.

Place Your Order

  • Style, cloth, and fit are confirmed and your custom garment is ready to start its journey.


Your Custom Garment’s Journey of Craftsmanship and Innovation   

        Step 1: Digital Pattern Creation

        Step 2: Cloth Preparation

        Step 3: Precision Cutting 

        Step 4: Sewn with Care 

        Step 5: Pressed and Finished

Your Custom Journey Begins

Garments are inspected and your order is securely packaged and delivered straight to you. Overall timeline: Made to Measure in 5 - 6 weeks time and Handmade Bespoke  in 6 - 8  weeks time.

As you unbox and try on your new garments, you'll experience the elevation of your personal style.

What if your garments don't Fit?

Your satisfaction is our top priority. If your garment doesn't fit as expected, we are here for you.  We commit to ensuring a desired fit. 

You can also meet with one of our fit experts in person to make the process seamless and convenient for you.