Feel the true art of tailoring with our completely personalized Bespoke suiting experience.

Bespoke is an Art, it tells your story, it is a tradition you can pass down and it is a feeling that is unmatched.  ILLI Bespoke focuses on these ideas to fuse traditional tailoring methods and new technology to create unparalleled garments that are both luxurious and made to the highest standards.

We consider your body shape, desired silhouette, use, lifestyle, and profession, we offer you choice from the world’s top fabric mills and our expert tailoring services.  Offering endless styling options and fine sartorial details, the Bespoke service includes a minimum of 3 fittings, with one traditional basted skeleton fitting, and requires between 8 - 12 weeks to complete. 

All garments are made in Toronto, Canada.


We specialize in Formal Attire and Dress Codes for special occasions, let ILLI Tailors guide you when deciding what to wear to your next gala or formal event.  With numerous formal suiting, and tuxedo options, ILLI enables you to look tastefully elegant for any occasion. 

Offering private consultations, we take the personal style and overall vision of each client into consideration.  

As the entire process takes 8 - 12 weeks, initial design meetings should take place at least 3 months prior to the event date. 




Shirts are worn casually, professionally and formally, let’s pay close attention to them. The right mix of shirts can really define your wardrobe; with different fits for leisure and business. ILLI Tailors would like to build that foundation with you. We make your personal pattern from your exact measurements and you can fully customize your shirts and choose from a selection of collars, cuffs, and other fine details.  Schedule an in person or online appointment with us today to start your journey.

Timeline:  3 - 4 weeks